One of the Travel Agency wanted to consolidate GDS and non-GDS travel inventory to migrate into online business from their current offline business model.


• Addressing Data access & integration due to security and scaling issues of exposing IT assets or data.

•Knowing the client’s current technology implementation patterns to devise solutions accordingly. 

• Knowing the existing technology infrastructure and applications to implement PCI Compliant systems.

• Addressing legacy system challenges and complexity by learning supplier-specific strategies and API’s for implementing various business requirements.


•Created transformable infrastructure components for use across all connectors.

• SOA that delivers enterprise agility to support extensibility performance.

• Built a PCI DSS Compliant Credit Card management system.

• Compatible configuration to empower testability through automation.

• Efficient source control management and integration for the client through VM infrastructure and VPN connectivity


•Robust and advanced APIs provide and excellent user experience.

•SOA driven solution gets Scalability out of the box.

•Rapid prototyping and Product Rollout. 

• PCI DSS compliant payment gateway system with Seamless API integration with current technology.

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